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Fall of Because

Release date:
June 1986
None yet
1. Intro  
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2. White Rock, Black Death  
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3. Empires of Lies  
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4. Merciless  
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5. Male Whore Slag  
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6. Life Is Easy  
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7. Grind  
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8. Life Fucker, Shit Fucker  
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9. Christian Motherfucker  
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10. Middle America  
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11. Ecstacy of Hate  
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12. Be Grateful  
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G.C. Green Bass
Justin Broadrick Vocals, Drums
Paul Neville Vocals, Guitars, Programming
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Released only on cassette.

This tracklisting isn't in the correct order but is the supposed listing.

Certain tracks later appeared on early Godflesh recordings.

The cover has a strange grey image, possibly a corpse.
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