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Exmortem > Berserker Legion
Exmortem - Berserker Legion
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Berzerker Legions

Berserker Legion


Release date:
August 2000
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. In the League with Loke 02:37  
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2. In the Lustful Flesh of Sin 02:50  
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3. Total Oblivion 03:28  
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4. In the Lustful Flesh of Sin We Are Gathered 04:24  
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5. In the Name of Massecration 03:43  
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Band members
Martin "Sigtyr" Thim Guitars, Bass
Reno Killerich Drums
Simon "Smerte" Petersen Vocals
Henrik Kolle Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Jan Borsing Engineering, Mastering
Jan Borsing Engineering, Mastering
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Not to be confused with the 7" or album of similar name (this title is singular whereas the others are plural), this promo was recorded by the band in 2000 in order to showcase a new lineup as well as attract label intersest. It appears to contain at least two songs not found on other releases.

Recorded at Borsing Studios in the month of August.
Produced by Exmortem.

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