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Mere Contemplations

Enslavement of Beauty

Release date:
August 3rd, 2007
Catalog ID:
INRI Unlimited
3 reviews (avg. 84%)
1. A Study of Love and Metaphors 03:21   Show lyrics
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2. X and Moments 04:07   Show lyrics
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3. The Perilous Pursuit of Volition 03:31   Show lyrics
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4. Exit There; And Disappear 05:07   Show lyrics
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5. An Affinity for Exuberance 03:58   Show lyrics
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6. Abundance Extends to Lush 03:44   Show lyrics
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7. I Raise My Craving Hands 03:27   Show lyrics
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8. Nostalgia Grows 03:10   Show lyrics
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9. Impressions 04:07   Show lyrics
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10. 11:23 pm 05:12   Show lyrics
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Read Your typical SBM album,... 85% limbonic_art666 July 22nd, 2011
Read It's ridiculous just how... 91% Metal_Grail April 22nd, 2011
Read Black, but with demerara 76% joncheetham88 November 21st, 2009

All music composed by Tony Eugene Tunheim. All lyrics written by Ole Alexander Myrholt except for parts of "X and Moments", from the poem "X. In a Library" by Emily Dickinson.

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