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Enslaved > Nema
Enslaved - Nema
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Side A
1. Intro: råV redaF 02:44  
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2. Himneskir fatækir 05:13  
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3. V.d.O. 06:01  
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4. Ode to Darkness 02:16  
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Grutle Vocals, Bass
Darkness Guitars, Synth
K. Johnny Drums
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- Xerox covers
- Regular tapes

Enslaved's first demo. Limited to somewhere between 30-50 copies.

"Nema" is "Amen" spelled backwards, and "råV redaF" is "Fader Vår" spelled backwards. "Fader Vår" means "Our Father", and is the Norwegian title for the psalm known in English as "The Lord's Prayer".

"After about 6 months of playing together Enslaved entered a small local 8 track studio, and recorded what was supposed to be a promotional tape. It contained 2 tracks (+ intro and outro) of a weird mixture of both black and deathlike metal including a lot of experimental synthparts. The tracks however, were perhaps a little "over the top experimental", and the sound was awful. So, they decided not to release it. They didn`t even bother to mix it. Today, not more than perhaps 50 copies are left of this promo. But do not worry, you are not missing out on anything else than a few good laughs and a lousy production."

Recording information:

Produced & Mixed on December 6 & 7, 1991

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