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Ensiferum > Demo I
Ensiferum - Demo I
Ensiferum discography (demos)
Demo II
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Demo II

Demo I


Release date:
2 reviews (avg. 82%)
1. Frost 05:05   Show lyrics
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2. Old Man (Väinämöinen) 06:25   Show lyrics
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3. Knighthood 05:26   Show lyrics
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Band members
Markus Toivonen Guitars
Sauli Savolainen Bass
Kimmo Miettinen Drums
Jari Mäenpää Vocals, Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Ritual Cover art
Ritual Cover art
Read A semi-blackened origin. 78% hells_unicorn March 9th, 2011
Read Fantastic demo 85% BloodIronBeer October 22nd, 2007
- Regular four panel fold out paper xeroxed covers

Recorded at Kivi-studio in November 1997

All Music by Markus Toivonen & Ensiferum
All Lyrics by Jari Mäenpää & Ensiferum

The entire demo was later re-released on the '1997-1999' demo compilation.

'Old Man' was re-recorded and used on the band's 1st full lenght 'Ensiferum' in 2001. 'Frost' and 'Knighthood' haven't been rerecorded.
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