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Release date:
September 27th, 2004
Catalog ID:
Mas DP0441
Version desc.:
Massacre Records
1 review (avg. 74%)
1. Intro - Wahrheit...? 00:30   Show lyrics
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2. Mein Eichensarg 05:08   Show lyrics
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3. Am Glockenseil 02:41   Show lyrics
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4. Vom Muttermord 05:00   Show lyrics
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5. Blutgeil 04:19   Show lyrics
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6. Ripper von Rostow 03:27   Show lyrics
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7. Hinein ins Tränenmeer 04:58   Show lyrics
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8. Glas 04:24   Show lyrics
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9. Was vom Leben übrig bleibt 04:33   Show lyrics
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10. Kreuznarbe 04:09   Show lyrics
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11. Wundwasser 05:19   Show lyrics
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12. Outro - Ende...? 00:20   Show lyrics
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Band members
Blutkehle Vocals
Yantit Drums
Bursche Lenz Guitars
DF Keyboards
Berg Morbach Bass
2T Viola
Miscellaneous staff
Berg Morbach Artwork
Markus Stock Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Blutkehle Vocals
Yantit Drums
Bursche Lenz Guitars
DF Keyboards
Berg Morbach Bass
2T Viola
Berg Morbach Artwork
Markus Stock Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Read Icky and nasty 74% Westvargr September 29th, 2011

also released as signed Digipack limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

The cover was sketched by the Band member Berg Morbach at that time who works, besides, as an artist. There is no booklet with texts as an addition, but a poster which shows the tape and the enlarged cover of the album.

On the 31st of January, 2007 it was presented to the federal testing centre for youth-endangering media on account of a suggestion of the land criminal office of Brandenburg "Wundwasser". On the 1st of February, 2007 the album was indicated. A previous hearing remained fruitless. The BPjM could put out no sufficient art salary, therefore the protection of children and young people was valid more than the art freedom.

Title Translation:

"Sore Water"

01. Intro - Truth...?

02. My Oaken Coffin
(The song "Mein Eichensarg" (My Oaken-Coffin) acts primarily from a person who plans her suicide and explains. At the beginning the protagonist digs up his own grave and describes the surroundings. Then later he takes tablets to himself and can be buried by friends in his Oaken-Coffin vividly.)

03. In The Bell Rope
(The song "Am Glockenseil" (In The Bell Rope) is a homage to the late director Lucio Fulci who directed the film "City Of The Living Dead" (German Title: Ein Zombie hing am Glockenseil/Italian: Paura nella città dei morti viventi, also known as The Gates Of Hell). The song describes the death of the priest from the film, the murder of both lovers in the car and the final death of the undead priest in the inferno of the crypt.)

04. From The Mother's Murder
(The protagonist describes looking back his childhood. Since the death of his father, the mother dedicated herself to the alcohol and it came on occasion to violent infringements on him. His mother is delivered, finally, to a home, however, his picture of women is on account of this childhood trauma, thus degenerated that he begins as an adult to murder women. With the home management he gets the approval to be allowed to take home his mother with to himself where he already paints himself how he will murder them with several stabs.)

05. Blood-Cool

06. Ripper Of Rostow
(The song deals with the actions of Andrei Romanowitsch Tschikatilo. In the song it is shown how he entices a young woman called Sveta in the train and accompanies them home. On the way they reach a forest piece where Tschikatilo the woman is murdered brutally, however, is caught after a little while by the police and is executed.)

07. In The Tear Sea

08. Glass

09. What Is Left Of The Life

10. Cross Scar
(The song acts from a person who has believed his life long in God, then, however, by the inquisition was taken and was tormented, because he was accused to the witchcraft. Finally, in his desperation he prays to the devil himself to be saved by him. However, also from him he gets no answer, so that he comes to the end that the higher powers are not interested in the interests of the people. Finally, he is burnt on the pyre.)

11. Sore Water
(The inspiration to the song "Wundwasser" (Sore Water) got the Band by the fourth part of the Guinea Pig Serie "Mermaid in a Manhole". The protagonist paints the dying woman, while he uses her body liquids as a colour. Though the body will become uglier and die at the end, but the picture will exist forever.

12. Outro - End...?



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