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Zero Hour


Release date:
Genocide Inc.
1 review (avg. 77%)
1. When Will It End 05:15   Show lyrics
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2. Zero Hour 04:46   Show lyrics
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3. Pain 05:48   Show lyrics
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4. The Golden Cencer 01:54   instrumental
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5. Hole in the Sky (Black Sabbath cover) 03:37   Show lyrics
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6. Stranded 05:48   Show lyrics
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7. In Memory 07:05   Show lyrics
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8. Blood Rain 04:19   Show lyrics
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9. Eye of the Storm 05:43  
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10. Fortress 04:00  
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Read Classic Melodic Thrash with... 77% darkreif June 11th, 2007
Only Eidolon full-length with Slav Siminic.

Zero Hour was added to the Limited Edition 2CD of Apostles Of Defiance as a Bonus CD.
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