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Savage Poetry


Release date:
4 reviews (avg. 81%)
1. Key to My Fate 04:36   Show lyrics
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2. Hallowed 06:30   Show lyrics
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3. Misguiding Your Life 04:11   Show lyrics
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4. Sands of Time 05:07   Show lyrics
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5. Sacred Hell 06:09   Show lyrics
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6. Eyes of the Tyrant 08:32   Show lyrics
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7. Frozen Candle 07:57   Show lyrics
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8. Roses to No One 05:48   Show lyrics
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9. Power and Majesty 05:10   Show lyrics
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Tobias Sammet Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Jens Ludwig Guitars
Dirk Sauer Guitars
Dominik Storch Drums
Read Baby steps 70% LordAquila November 12th, 2011
Read Edguy, Edguy, Edguy… 70% OzzyApu November 1st, 2009
Read What a Debut! 93% Crimson_Guitarist October 16th, 2004
Read Definitive Edguy 91% OSheaman August 16th, 2003
Sometimes regarded as a demo rather than a proper album. Re-recorded in 2000 with "Key To My Fate" as track #3.
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