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Місяць помсти

Dub Buk

Release date:
February 1999
Catalog ID:
3 kol
Oriana Music
2 reviews (avg. 94%)
1. Дюбук 04:30   Show lyrics
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2. In Search of the Soul 04:06  
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3. Місяць помсти 03:33   Show lyrics
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4. Cruelity 11:43  
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5. Засинае 04:41  
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6. Армагедон 05:05   Show lyrics
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7. У сутінках ганьби 04:09  
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English titles:
1. Dub Buk
3. Moon of Revenge
5. Falling Asleep...
6. Armagedon
7. In the Twilight of Shame

Tape release. Contains both "Moon of Revenge (Demo 1998) and "...Zasynaye Ta U Vi Sni Pomyraye..." (Demo 1999).

Re-released in 2003 on CD by Eastside.

Re-released in 2007 on gatefold LP limited to 500 copies by Blazing Productions with the following tracks order:
A1. Дюбук
A2. In Search of the Soul
A3. Засинае
A4. Армагедон
B1. Місяць Помсти
B2. Cruelity
B3. У Сутінках Ганьби

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