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Кров у Наших Криницях (Blood in Our Wells)


Release date:
March 23rd, 2006
Supernal Music
14 reviews (avg. 84%)
1. Навь (Nav') 02:25   instrumental
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2. Борозни Богів (Furrows of Gods) 08:57   Show lyrics
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3. Коли Пломінь Перетворюється на Попіл (When the Flame Turns to Ashes) 10:37   Show lyrics
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4. Самітність (Solitude) 12:24   Show lyrics
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5. Вічність (Eternity) 10:38   Show lyrics
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6. Українська Повстанська Армія (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) 05:02   Show lyrics
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Band members
Roman Saenko Guitars, Bass
Thurios Vocals, Keyboards
Amorth Drums, Keyboards
Miscellaneous staff
Vasily Perov Artwork
Sir Gorgoroth Design (vinyl)
Roman Saenko Guitars, Bass
Thurios Vocals, Keyboards
Amorth Drums, Keyboards
Vasily Perov Artwork
Sir Gorgoroth Design (vinyl)
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LP version released by Faustian Distribution & Northern Heritage Records.
Picture LP released by Eisenwald Tonschmiede in 2008. Limited to 500 copies.
Re-released on CD and LP in 2010 by Season of Mist with new cover art
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