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Dreamtale > World Changed Forever
Dreamtale - World Changed Forever
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World Changed Forever


Release date:
April 26th, 2013
Catalog ID:
Rock It Up Records
4 reviews (avg. 66%)
1. The Shore 02:22   Show lyrics
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2. Island of My Heart 05:37   Show lyrics
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3. Tides of War 04:02   Show lyrics
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4. We Have No God 05:29   Show lyrics
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5. The Signs Were True 05:10   Show lyrics
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6. The Heart After Dark 04:24   Show lyrics
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7. Join the Rain 04:34   Show lyrics
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8. Back to the Stars 06:16   Show lyrics
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9. World Changed Forever 06:04   Show lyrics
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10. My Next Move 03:51   Show lyrics
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11. Dreamtime 06:34   Show lyrics
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12. Destiny's Chance 03:54   Show lyrics
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Band members
Petteri Rosenbom Drums
Rami Keränen Guitars, Vocals
Akseli Kaasalainen Keyboards
Seppo Kolehmainen Guitars
Erkki Seppänen Vocals
Heikki Ahonen Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Timo Tolkki Mixing
Timo Tolkki Mixing
Read Let's put this back in... 81% AnalogKid November 21st, 2014
Read Syrupy, fun-loving Finnish PM 65% Andromeda_Unchained October 5th, 2013
Read A complete joke 31% Empyreal May 16th, 2013
Read Changes are few, and... 88% hells_unicorn May 3rd, 2013

Release date for Japan: April 24th

Japanese edition contains 1 bonus track:

13 The End of Our Days (04:21)

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