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Master of Puppets

Dream Theater

Live album
Release date:
February 2004
Ytsejam Records
2 reviews (avg. 48%)
1. Battery 05:15   Show lyrics
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2. Master of Puppets 08:45   Show lyrics
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3. The Thing That Should Not Be 07:04   Show lyrics
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4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 06:43   Show lyrics
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5. Disposable Heroes 08:11   Show lyrics
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6. Leper Messiah 05:58   Show lyrics
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7. Orion 09:20   instrumental
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8. Damage Inc. 06:45   Show lyrics
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John Myung Bass
John Petrucci Guitars (lead)
James LaBrie Vocals
Jordan Rudess Keyboards
Mike Portnoy Drums, Vocals (additional)
Read For diehards only 65% DarthVenom April 22nd, 2008
Read See "Metallica - Master of... 30% Pyromanic July 23rd, 2007
Ytse Jam Records Official Bootlegs Series release. This is a live album of Dream Theater's cover of Metallica's complete Master of Puppets record.
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