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Draconaeon - Shades of Sorrow
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Shades of Sorrow


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CD-R, Slim case
1 review (avg. 100%)
1. Across the Scarlet Fields 05:49  
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2. As a Shadow 05:51  
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3. Spawned 04:52   Show lyrics
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Band members
Ameer Bass
Amen Drums
Sofi Guitars
Izard Guitars, Vocals
Mizi Keyboards, Synthesizer
Miscellaneous staff
Izard Lyrics
Ameer Bass
Amen Drums
Sofi Guitars
Izard Guitars, Vocals
Mizi Keyboards, Synthesizer
Izard Lyrics
Read These Shades are Made for... 100% HanSathanas January 13th, 2013

Promotional tracks recorded exclusively for compilation release and zine reviews.

"We thank God & our beloved ones past & present".


Rumor has it that the vocals on most Draconaeon tracks are sung by a person known only as 'Chom'.
Izard only does backing vocals as he sees fit. However, a video surfaced on YouTube shows Izard performing vocals while handling the guitar at BSRC in 2000 (Brunei Shell Recreation Club; a recreational club originally meant for patrons who are working with local oil and gas company). As of date, no one actually knows, save for the band, who's the mystery person singing on Draconaeon many songs.

Re-released independently on October 31 2012 featuring new artwork. Includes an exclusive track 'Shadowmist'.

Recording information:

Produced by Fadzil & Draconaeon within the Cold Days of Anno 2005. All hymns by Draconaeon & Charon.

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