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View to the Dim


Release date:
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RRS 942
2 reviews (avg. 84%)
1. Symphony of the Godess (Intro) 02:37   instrumental
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2. Tears in Black 03:05   Show lyrics
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3. Bring Down the Roars 04:53   Show lyrics
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4. Spiritual Mountain 06:02   Show lyrics
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5. Awakening of the Overthrown 00:39   Show lyrics
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6. View to the Dim 03:16   Show lyrics
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7. Lost Behind Scars 02:51   Show lyrics
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8. A Sign from the Cryptic Winter 04:38   Show lyrics
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9. The Blaze of Valhalla 00:42   Show lyrics
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10. Sideral Path of Colours 05:08   Show lyrics
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11. The Raven's Eye 04:38   Show lyrics
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12. Weiv ot eht Mid (Outro) 01:00   instrumental
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Michael Poulsen Vocals, Guitars
Jess Larsen Drums
Mads Hansen Guitars (lead)
Jesper Olsen Bass
Read View to the Dark Past 89% TheLegacyReviews October 4th, 2013
Read The dim awaits you... 79% Thamuz October 30th, 2005

The intro Symphony of the Godess is a sample from the movie Dead Calm.

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at Take One Studio, in 6 days, in October/November 1994.

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