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Upon These Ashes Scorn the World

Divine Eve

Release date:
May 29th, 2007
Tarot Productions
1 review (avg. 98%)
1. The Last of the Sunset Faded 03:22   Show lyrics
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2. A Somber Blossoming (Soulsflight) 03:52   Show lyrics
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3. As the Angels Weep 04:44   Show lyrics
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4. Harlequin of Perpetual Destiny 04:47   Show lyrics
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5. Visions of Mortality (Celtic Frost cover) 05:00   Show lyrics
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6. Velvet of the Godless 03:28  
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7. Innocence Lost 04:40  
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8. Essence of Dawn (Return to the Midnight) 05:47  
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9. Witching Metal (Sodom cover) 03:09   Show lyrics
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Read The Return to Midnight 98% Mortuary_Mosh July 28th, 2009
Tracks 1-4 taken from "As the angels weep" EP
Tracks 6-9 taken from "Promo 94" Demo
Track 5 released on "In memory of... Celtic Frost" tribute album.
Track 6 was also released on "Death…Is Just the Beginning III" compilation.

Re-Released on LP by Iron Tyrant Records in 2010.
Die Hard version features the Vengeful and Obstinate MCD as bonus LP (same songs on both sides).
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