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Release date:
June 28th, 2005
Relapse Records
1 review (avg. 93%)
Disc 1
1. The Tree of Life and Death 10:25   Show lyrics
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2. Your Prophetic Throne of Ivory 07:40   Show lyrics
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3. Excoriate 04:44   Show lyrics
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4. Nightside of Eden 02:39   Show lyrics
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5. A Burial at Ornans 14:38   Show lyrics
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6. The Spirits of the Tall Hills 09:22   Show lyrics
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7. Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores 10:06   Show lyrics
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Disc 2
1. The Tree of Life and Death 09:21   Show lyrics
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2. A Burial at Ornans 12:03   Show lyrics
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3. Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores 08:29   Show lyrics
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4. Extracted Nails 03:49   Show lyrics
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5. Intro - Mourning September 02:00  
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6. Impoverished Filth 06:49   Show lyrics
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7. Extracted Nails 03:18   Show lyrics
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8. Thou Messiah 08:26   Show lyrics
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9. Outro 01:55  
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Read Transcending 93% heavymetalprodigy October 19th, 2006
Also released as a triple LP on June 5th, 2006 by 3XM Productions, limited to 500 copies; 100 copies of diehard edition printed with maroon foil stamp and each vinyl on a different color.

Disc 1: All tracks from the 'Transcendence Into The Peripheral' album

Disc 2:
Tracks 1-3 from the 'Dusk' EP
Track 4 from the 'Pantalgia compilation'.
Tracks 5-9 from the 'Mourning September' Demo

A limited version (1,000 copies) of this comes with a third cd with the following tracklist for the extra cd:
1. The Spirit of the Tall Hills (unrelesed track)
2. Slaughtered Remains (Necrovore cover)
3. The Spirits of the Tall Hills (rehearsal)
4. Your Prophetic Throne of Ivory (rehearsal)
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