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Prelude to Apocalypse

Disciples of Mockery

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3 reviews (avg. 93%)
1. Literal Upheaval of the Earth 04:25   Show lyrics
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2. Our Father Who Art as Nothing 03:18   Show lyrics
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3. Prelude to Absolution 03:21   Show lyrics
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4. God of Love 05:57   Show lyrics
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5. Behold the Holy Virgin Whore 03:16   Show lyrics
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6. An Endless Pursuit for a Satisfying Pain 04:03   Show lyrics
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7. Sustained in Desolation 03:49   Show lyrics
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8. Dogma 07:46   Show lyrics
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9. Rotting Immaculate Like You 05:37   Show lyrics
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Ronnie Deo Bass
Jim Roe Drums
Mike Boyce Guitars
Craig Pillard Guitars, Vocals
Read Desolate and depressing 80% erebuszine April 18th, 2013
Read Dark artistry is overrated. 100% lord_ghengis March 8th, 2013
Read Engraves itself on your... 100% optimuszgrime February 28th, 2008

2004 reissue on Necroharmonic includes expanded layout, packaging, and artwork (bottom image). It also includes three bonus tracks from a pre-album demo.

Bonus tracks:
10. Prelude to Absolution (Demo)
11. An Endless Pursuit for a Satisfying Pain (Demo)
12. Literal Upheaval of the Earth (Demo)

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