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Penetrations from the Lost World

Dimension Zero

Release date:
Catalog ID:
WAR 97929-3
War Music
2 reviews (avg. 90%)
1. Through the Virgin Sky 04:53   Show lyrics
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2. Dead Silent Shriek 03:54   Show lyrics
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3. Forgotten... but Not Forgiven 03:34   Show lyrics
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4. Everlasting Neverness 04:09   instrumental
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Band members
Jocke Göthberg Lyrics
Fredrik Johansson Guitars
Jesper Strömblad Bass, Guitars
Hans Nilsson Drums
Jocke Göthberg Vocals
Glenn Ljungström Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Fredrik Nordström Producer, Mixing, Engineering
Fredrik Nordström Producer, Mixing, Engineering
Read Melodic brutality 94% Infrej January 1st, 2011
Read Short, grimy, well-played 86% CrowTRobot February 9th, 2007

Japanese version released by Toy's Factory contains the Sepultura cover "Troops of Doom" as a bonus track.

Bonus tracks on Regain Records 2003 reissue
Tracks 5-6 recorded during the Silent Night Fever sessions
5. Condemned (03:01)
6. Helter Skelter (Beatles cover) (03:03)
Tracks 7-11: Live in Japan, 2002
7. Silent Night Fever (04:40)
8. Not Even Dead (04:04)
9. The Murder-Inn (02:57)
10. They Are Waiting to Take Us (03:39)
11. Through the Virgin Sky (04:32)

Recorded at Studio Fredman in May 1996.
Mixed and produced by Fredrik Nordström.
Music by Ljungström/Strömblad.
This EP features re-recorded (different) versions of the songs from the demo.

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