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The Art of an Endless Creation

Dies Irae

Release date:
January 19th, 2009
Catalog ID:
MMP DVD 0163
Metal Mind Productions
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1. Intro / Beyond All Dimensions   Show lyrics
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2. The Hunger 03:38   Show lyrics
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3. Comrade of Death 02:40   Show lyrics
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4. Incarnation of Evil 03:22   Show lyrics
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5. The Art of an Endless Creation 03:40   Show lyrics
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6. Zohak 03:41   Show lyrics
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7. Infinity 03:05   Show lyrics
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8. The Truth 03:32   Show lyrics
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9. Lion of Knowledge (video clip) 05:23   Show lyrics
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10. The Art of an Endless Creation (video clip) 03:40   Show lyrics
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11. Live Bootleg (Empire Invasion Tour 2004)  
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Band members
Novy Bass, Vocals
Jacek Hiro Guitars
Mauser Guitars
Doc (R.I.P. 2005) Drums
Vitek (R.I.P. 2007) Drums
Novy Bass, Vocals
Jacek Hiro Guitars
Mauser Guitars
Doc (R.I.P. 2005) Drums
Vitek (R.I.P. 2007) Drums
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Contains a DVD featuring a concert the band played in 2005 at the Metalmania Festival in Katowice, Poland as well as bonus video clips for the songs "Lion of Knowledge" and "The Art of an Endless Creation", a bootleg video from a gig the band played as part of Empire Invasion Tour 2004 (at which they joined by Decapitated drummer Witold "Vitek" Kieltyka), bonus audio (featuring Dies Irae's entire 1996 demo "Fear of God") and more.

Bonus audio:

I. Die of Satan

II. Fear of God (demo 1996)

01. Intro - Evil
02. Unheavenly Salvation
03. Fear of God
04. Dies Irae - Part I
05. Blasphemous Words
06. Dies Irae - Part II

III. Internal Sin War

CD – "Sculpture of Stone":

01. Beyond All Dimensions
02. The Hunger
03. Unrevealed by Words
04. The Art of an Endless Creation
05. Trapped in the Emptiness
06. The Plague
07. The Oceans of Filth
08. The Beginning of Sin
09. Sculpture of Stone

Also includes:

* Photo gallery
* Biography
* Discography
* Desktop images
* Weblinks
* Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound

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