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Come Heavy Sleep

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas

Release date:
September 14th, 1997
Catalog ID:
MOS 011 CD
M.O.S. Records Ltd.
2 reviews (avg. 93%)
1. The Beginning 04:15  
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2. Come Heavy Sleep 06:00   Show lyrics
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3. Sad Silent Home 06:13   Show lyrics
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4. Misery 05:04   Show lyrics
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5. Dim Atmosphere 06:32  
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6. The Past 06:13   Show lyrics
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7. Unreal Mystery 05:55   Show lyrics
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8. House of Glass 05:02  
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9. Waters of Wide Agony 06:17   Show lyrics
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10. The End 05:27  
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Protector Vocals, Keyboards
Julia Lederer Vocals (female)
Read Majestic and spiritual... 95% kluseba June 18th, 2011
Read Melancholic mastery 90% Suechtler May 26th, 2008

The release is distributed by Napalm Records.

Lyrics are taken from the English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.


Barcode: 4001617276020

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