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Corpse Gristle Records
6 reviews (avg. 73%)
1. Babykiller 04:29   Show lyrics
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2. Shroud of Encryption (Demo Version) 02:58   Show lyrics
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3. Festering Vomitous Mass (Demo Version) 02:35   Show lyrics
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4. Choking on Bile (Demo Version) 04:16   Show lyrics
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5. Festering Vomitous Mass 02:52   Show lyrics
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6. Postmortal Coprophagia 06:16   Show lyrics
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7. Choking on Bile 04:18   Show lyrics
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8. Molesting the Decapitated 04:43   Show lyrics
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9. Self Disembowelment 04:34   Show lyrics
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10. Fucked to Death 05:30   Show lyrics
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11. Devour the Damned 04:23   Show lyrics
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12. Shroud of Encryption 02:58   Show lyrics
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Miscellaneous staff
Hound Logo
D. Braxton Henry Engineering
Dave Osbourn Mastering
Mike Majewski Artwork, Layout, Design
Hound Logo
D. Braxton Henry Engineering
Dave Osbourn Mastering
Mike Majewski Artwork, Layout, Design
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Read Devourment = GODS 100% kd January 18th, 2004

The release is titled 1.3.8 because it includes 1 new song (Babykiller), 3 tracks from the Impaled demo (tracks 2-4) & 8 tracks from the Molesting the Decapitated album (tracks 5-12).

Reissued in 2004 by Displeased Records and Unmatched Brutality Records with upgraded layout and new artwork.

Re-released by Night of the Vinyl Dead Records in August 2006 as LP with a four pages colour insert and printed lyrics. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies (Night005).

Recording information:

Babykiller single recording line-up:

D. Braxton Henry- Guitars
Kevin Clark- Guitars
Brad Fincher- Drums
Mike Majewski - Bass
Wayne Knupp - Vocals

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