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Plurima Mortis Imago

Devilish Impressions

Release date:
September 2005
Catalog ID:
CR 019
Conquer Records
None yet
1. Lunarium 00:57   instrumental
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2. Rebellion of Will Manifesto 06:02   Show lyrics
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3. Visions of Kingdom to Come... 04:25   Show lyrics
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4. Dracula's Mechanized Universe 05:20   Show lyrics
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5. Funeral of God 07:50   Show lyrics
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6. Α & Ω Spaces 01:32   instrumental
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7. Crowned to Be Crucified 03:31   Show lyrics
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8. Smell of Death 10:05   Show lyrics
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9. SataniChaoSymphony 04:18   Show lyrics
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Band members
Quazarre Vocals, Guitars
Adrian Nefarious Bass
Dragor Drums
Starash Guitars
Turqouissa Synthesizers
Miscellaneous staff
Sławek Wiesławski Mastering
Wojtek Wiesławski Mastering
Quazarre Vocals, Guitars
Adrian Nefarious Bass
Dragor Drums
Starash Guitars
Turqouissa Synthesizers
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All music written by Quazarre, except:
- "Lunarium" written by Turquoissa, arrangements by Turquoissa & Quazarre;
- "Alpha and Omega Spaces" written by Turquoissa;
- "Dracula's Mechanized Universe" written by Quazarre, Starash and Turquoissa;
- "Crowned to be Crucified" written by Quazarre and Starash;
- The ending part of "Dracula's Mechanized Universe" originally written by Ludwig Van Beethoven in interpretation of Turquoissa.

All lyrics by Quazarre.
Arrangements by Devilish Impressions.
Band photos by Devilish Impressions with assistance of Michał Bugdoł, idea by Quazarre and Turquoissa.
Cover, layout and graphic design by Ia Serpentor (
Logo by Lucjan Wasilewski.

Bonus video track: "SataniChaoSymphony" (4:50)

Concerning the title of the track 6: On the back cover, it is printed Δ & Ω Spaces; however, the band uses the letter Δ for A, as it appears on the front cover ("PLVRΦMΔ..." for "Plurima"), and so the correct title is "Α & Ω Spaces" (Alpha & Omega Spaces).

Comes with a 12-page booklet.

Recording information:

Recorded at various places in August 2005:
- Drums and guitars recorded at Mamut Studio (in the middle of nowhere) by Maciek Mularczyk and Wojtek Nowak;
- All synthesizers and vocals at Hendrix Studios (Lublin) by Arek "Malta" Malczewski.
Mixed in September 2005 at home studio of Wojtek "Flumen" Kostrzewa (
Mastered in September 2005 at Hertz Studio (Białystok) by Sławek & Wojtek Wiesławscy.


Barcode: 5060109098723

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