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Devil Lee Rot > Pagan from the Heat
Devil Lee Rot - Pagan from the Heat
Devil Lee Rot discography (all)
Explosion of Hell

Pagan from the Heat

Devil Lee Rot

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1. Infernal Resurrection  
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2. The Sky Rained Death  
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3. Pilgrim in the Age of Fire  
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4. Pagan from the Heat  
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Devil Lee Rot All instruments, Vocals
The Demon Bass
Vince Black Drums
Daniel Nilssen Guitars
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This was written and recorded in 1-2 hours after finishing recording Orgy With The Dead. No preparations, no lyrics, simply invented some riffs on the spot for Devil Lee Rots new solo project, rehearsed once (if that) and pushed record.

Vocals: Devil Lee Rot (Thomas Karlsson)
Guitars: Scyphe (Daniel NIlssen)
Bass: The Demon
Drums: Vince Black aka Sexual Goatlicker

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