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Defunct & Infected


Release date:
None yet
1. Perfect Genocide  
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2. Gates of Void  
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3. Strifes  
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4. Defunct  
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5. Krieg Und Tott (Krieg og Dod)  
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6. Cold Repugnence  
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7. Krieg Und Tott (Version 1.666)  
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This rehearsal demo tape is handnumbered but no where it's specified to how many copies it's limited.

Even if the printed layout says that "Perfect Genocide" is "For the 7" SPK Kommando" 4-ways split, Yhrm (bass) confirmed with pen on the backside: "+ Krieg Und Tott (Version 1.666): To be featured on the SPK Kommando instead of Perfect Genocide". So maybe not all copies have this seventh track.

MkM (Antaeus) does guest vocals on the track "Defunct" for a previous rehearsal, and not the one featured on this demo.
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