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1. Deliver the Suffering 06:23   Show lyrics
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2. Freewill 05:07   Show lyrics
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3. Forsaken Hatred 05:50   Show lyrics
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4. Souls of Sacrifice 05:06   Show lyrics
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5. Idolatry 06:17   Show lyrics
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6. Legacy of Faith 05:17   Show lyrics
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7. Subconscious 05:06   Show lyrics
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8. Never Believe 04:54   Show lyrics
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Band members
Rodney Dunsmore Vocals
Dave Burk Guitars
Henry Elizondo Guitars
Edward Vasquez Bass
David Lozano Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Scott Burns Producer, Engineering, Mixing
Ernest Delgado Cover art
Todd Eden Photography
Scott Burns Producer, Engineering, Mixing
Ernest Delgado Cover art
Todd Eden Photography
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All songs written and arranged by Burk and Elizondo, except "Idolatry" by Burk, Elizondo and Dunsmore. All lyrics by Dunsmore.

Produced by Scott Burns and Devastation.

Reissued by Century Media in 1999 with bonus tracks:
09. Desolation / Souls Of Sacrifice (Live) (08:05)
10. Meet Your Maker (Live) (05:04)
11. Idolatry (Live) (04:59)
12. Subconscious (Live) (05:06)

Live tracks engineered by Walter Traschler.

Reissued on vinyl by Forged in Fire (Rockadrome) on November 17, 2008 with the new cover art but without the newly recorded bonus tracks. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl, 300 on picture disc, and 100 on clear yellow vinyl.

Recording information:

Engineered by Scott Burns.
Recorded and mixed at Morrisound Studios, Tampa, Florida, August-September 1990.
Mastered at Fullersound, Miami, Florida.


Barcode: 5099746839925

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