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Violence Is the Prince of This World

Deströyer 666

Release date:
November 11th, 1995
Modern Invasion Music
2 reviews (avg. 85%)
1. Hail to Destruction 01:33  
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2. An Endless Stream of Bombers 02:54  
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3. ...True Sons of Satan 03:43  
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4. Burning the Veil of Falsehood 04:52  
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5. Death Metal Winds (Howl Again) 02:44  
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6. Song for a Devil's Son 04:00  
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7. The Eternal Glory of War 05:31   Show lyrics
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Band members
K.K. Warslut Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Matt Sanders Drums (re-recorded, tracks 2 & 3)
Chris Volcano Drums
K.K. Warslut Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Matt Sanders Drums (re-recorded, tracks 2 & 3)
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Read A holocaust of metallic fury 89% chaossphere October 7th, 2003
Recorded over 6 torturous months beginning in Autumn, May '95.
But then 'An Endless Stream of Bombers' & '...True Sons of Satan' were re-recorded on August 6, '95 at 666 Chapel St. with Matt Sanders on drums.

LP version limited to 520 black vinyls and five marble.

Re-released on CD in 2001 with bonus tracks:

08. True Sons of Satan (03:02)
09. Destroyer (LP Version) (02:48)
10. Song for the Devil's Son (03:46)
11. True Sons of Satan with outro / Song for the Devil's Son (Part 2) (08:06)
12. The Eternal Glory of War (2nd Mix) (05:31)
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