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Der Stürmer > Transcendental Racial Idealism
Der Stürmer - Transcendental Racial Idealism
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Transcendental Racial Idealism

Der Stürmer

Release date:
September 2011
Catalog ID:
Totenkopf Propaganda
None yet
1. The Conqueror Than the Saint 05:01   Show lyrics
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2. Like a Thousand Sharpened Blades 03:50   Show lyrics
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3. Erasithanatos (The Tragedy of Heroic Pessimism) 05:06   Show lyrics
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4. Day of the Hunter 03:05   Show lyrics
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5. Iron Strife Towards Up High 03:59   Show lyrics
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6. Jus Sanguinis 05:44   Show lyrics
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7. Forces of Tradition 04:38   Show lyrics
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8. Gallant Defenders of the Last Bastion 04:51   Show lyrics
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9. Götterdämmerung 03:38   Show lyrics
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CD (jewel and digipak) by Totenkopf Propaganda.
LP by Breath of Pestilence.
MC by Satanic Skinhead Propaganda.

Recording information:

Recorded during March 2011 in Athens, Hellas.

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