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Naetu / Dei Tetra > Revelations of Blasphemy
Naetu / Dei Tetra - Revelations of Blasphemy
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Dei Tetra discography (all)
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Devotees to Flames

Revelations of Blasphemy

Naetu / Dei Tetra

Release date:
May 1st, 2011
Baphomet Moon Productions
None yet
1. Dei Tetra - Black Moon Rising  
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2. Dei Tetra - The Four Descendants  
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3. Dei Tetra - Adversary of the Rotten Christ  
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4. Dei Tetra - Devotees to Flames  
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5. Dei Tetra - The Beheading Ceremonial (Live)  
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6. Naetu - Hymn to the Conquered  
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7. Naetu - May the Black Flames Suffocate the Weak  
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8. Naetu - Warfare (Zyklon-B cover)  
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9. Naetu - The Burning Land (Live)  
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10. Naetu - Blood Fall (Live)  
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Nefarious Bass, Vocals
Sombre Drums
Sentient Guitars
Vorknagar Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Dei Tetra
King Aboroth Bass
Kaosis Warmeister Drums
Emperor Viperon Guitars
Asithara Dei Tetra Vocals
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2 versions exist: Thai and Australian versions

Thai version is released under Baphomet Moon Productions.

Thai version is limited to 100 hand numbered copies.

Australian version released by Blood Black Productions in conjunction with Crionics Distribution. Limited to 100 copies.
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