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Nobody's Perfect

Deep Purple

Live album
Release date:
July 1988
Catalog ID:
835 897-2
Polydor Records
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1. Highway Star 06:10   Show lyrics
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2. Strange Kind of Woman 07:34   Show lyrics
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3. Dead or Alive 07:05   Show lyrics
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4. Perfect Strangers 05:24   Show lyrics
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5. Hard Lovin' Woman 05:03   Show lyrics
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6. Bad Attitude 05:30   Show lyrics
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7. Knocking at Your Back Door 11:24   Show lyrics
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8. Child in Time 10:36   Show lyrics
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9. Lazy 05:10   Show lyrics
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10. Space Truckin' 06:02   Show lyrics
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11. Black Night 06:06   Show lyrics
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12. Woman from Tokyo 04:00   Show lyrics
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13. Smoke on the Water 07:46   Show lyrics
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14. Hush (Billy Joe Royal cover) 03:30   Show lyrics
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Ian Gillan Vocals
Ritchie Blackmore Guitars
Jon Lord (R.I.P. 2012) Organ
Ian Paice Drums
Roger Glover Bass, Vocals
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The album contains a new live-in-studio jam) version of "Hush" to commemorate their 20th anniversary. "Black Night" was also re-recorded but never released. "Hard Lovin' Woman" includes parts of "Under the Gun" during Blackmore's guitar solo. "Strange Kind of Woman" includes the "Superstar" chorus from Jesus Christ Superstar. "Woman from Tokyo" changes into "Everyday" (Buddy Holly) halfway through. The album represented Deep Purple's setlist at the time, which consisted much of the typical Made in Japan set, combined with newer material from the 1984 reunion album Perfect Strangers and The House of Blue Light. Songs such as "The Unwritten Law" and "Difficult to Cure" (which included an extended-riff from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, 4th Movement) were played every night on the tour, but were not included on this album.

"Dead Or Alive" is on tape release only, "Bad Attitude" is on LP only, and "Space Truckin'" isn't on the CD, the first two are both available on 1988 "Hush" single.
Re-released on 2cd in 1999, with "Dead Or Alive", "Bad Attitude" and "Space Truckin'" included.

All tracks have been edited in studio.

Tracks 1-2, 4, 12 recorded Live 23.05.1987 in Irvine, The United States
Track 3 recorded Live 4.09.1987 in Milan, Italy
Tracks 5, 10-11, 13 recorded Live 22.08.1987 in Oslo, Norway
Track 6-9 recorded Live 30.05.1987 in Phoenix, The Unites States
Track 11 recorded Live 6.08.1987 in Verona, Italy
Track 14 Live 26.02.1988 in Checkendon, The United Kingdom

"Black Night" was recorded during 2 concerts, "Hush" was recorded Live in the studio during mixing the album in Hook End Manor studios.

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