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One Man's Fate

Decayed Remains

Release date:
Civilian Death
None yet
1. All Men's Fate 05:19  
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2. Der Ubermensch 04:41  
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3. A Divine Funeral 09:25  
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4. Eve Of Tragedy 04:18  
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5. Graven Song 04:14  
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6. L'ennemi 05:48  
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7. The Ugly Pain 05:01  
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8. The Lonely Dance 04:20  
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9. Mors Ultima Ratio 05:01  
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Vihter Guitars (rhythm), Guitars (acoustic)
Francis Perron Drums, Guitars (rhythm), Vocals (backing)
Éric Massicotte Vocals (lead)
Frederic Gignac Bass, Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
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Civilian Death Network / Radicart
CDN001 - RADCD004

Limited to 1000 copies.
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