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Deathslayer > Cry of the Swords
Deathslayer - Cry of the Swords
Deathslayer discography (demos)
Demo 1984
Deathslayer discography (all)
Demo 1984

Cry of the Swords


Release date:
None yet
1. Strange Illusions 02:07  
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2. Cry of the Swords 03:42  
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3. The Night of the Burning Cross 05:55  
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4. Journey For Light 03:53  
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5. Deathslayer 08:27  
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6. Raven's Nest 04:14  
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This was an advance tape for the forthcoming album, which eventually never got released.

The song "Raven's Nest" is featured on the 1984 Iron Tyrants compilation from World Metal Records.

The song "Journey for Light" is featured on the 1984 New York Metal '84 compilation from Rockcity Records.
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