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Death SS > Live 2008 I - Gods of Metal
Death SS - Live 2008 I - Gods of Metal
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Der Golem

Live 2008 I - Gods of Metal

Death SS

Live album
Release date:
October 31st, 2009
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Piece of Mind 03:52  
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2. Horrible Eyes 05:14  
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3. Cursed Mama 03:35  
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4. Kings of Evil 04:28  
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5. Inquisitor 05:34  
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6. In the Darkness 04:28  
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7. Night of the Witch 03:49  
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8. Murder Angels 04:07  
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9. Panic 05:02  
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10. Black Mass 08:33  
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This live album was distributed independently and it was limited to 2000 copies in digipack. The album was made because of the requests of two official Death SS forums, and it was thus intended to be a record for the fans only, coming at the end of the Seven Seals era (the first seven Death SS full-lengths, 1988-2006). It was therefore realized only by amateur filmings, selected and put together, often choosing songs which have been rarely (or never) featured in the previous official Death SS live albums.

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