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Death SS > Il Ritorno degli Occulti
Death SS - Il Ritorno degli Occulti
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Baron Samedi

Il Ritorno degli Occulti

Death SS

Live album
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Cursed Coven
None yet
1. Ave Satani / The Way of the Left Hand 06:51  
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2. Guardian Angel 04:53  
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3. Terror 08:19  
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4. The Phoenix Mass 04:11  
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5. Vampire 08:19  
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6. Come to the Sabbath 04:52  
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7. Baron Samedi 06:12  
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8. Scarlet Woman 05:51  
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9. Where Have You Gone? 03:37  
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10. Lillith 04:41  
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11. Heavy Demons 05:37  
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Steve Sylvester Vocals (lead)
Felix Moon Guitars
Andrew Karloff Bass
Oleg Smirnoff Keyboards
Anton Chaney Drums
Emil Bandera Guitars
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Recorded During the "Do What Thou Wilt" Tour in 1997.

Limited Edition: 200 Copies.

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