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Back from the Dead


Release date:
October 1985
1 review (avg. 69%)
1. Intro 00:35  
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2. Back from the Dead 03:02  
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3. Mutilation 02:29   Show lyrics
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4. Reign of Terror 02:28   Show lyrics
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5. Beyond the Unholy Grave 03:13   Show lyrics
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6. Baptized in Blood 03:42   Show lyrics
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7. Legion of Doom 03:12   Show lyrics
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8. Skill to Kill 02:28  
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Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P. 2001) Guitars, Vocals
Erik Meade Bass
Eric Brecht Drums
Read Hitchcock from the Dead!!!! 69% PowerMetalGuardian June 1st, 2003
The fifth Death demo, and the first done by Chuck after moving to San Francisco. Schuldiner is on vocals and guitar, ex-D.R.I. Eric Brecht on drums and some guy also named Eric doing bass duties.

The intro is the theme from "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".
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