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Hollywood Made in Gehenna

Dawn of Ashes

Release date:
May 2nd, 2012
Catalog ID:
Bathory Music Productions
None yet
1. Dawn of Ashes - The Dawn of Ashes (Reincarnation in Blood) 03:01  
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2. Dawn of Ashes - Hollywood Made in Gehenna 04:42   Show lyrics
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3. Dawn of Ashes - Fuck Like You're in Hell 04:50   Show lyrics
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4. Dawn of Ashes - Further into the Abyss 05:52   Show lyrics
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5. Dawn of Ashes - Synthetic 341B (Dawn of Ashes Remix) 03:44  
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6. Falling Skies - Synthetic 341B 05:29  
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7. Falling Skies - The Creature 05:20  
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8. Falling Skies - I Fucking Hate You 06:24  
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9. Falling Skies - Hollywood Made in Gehenna (Falling Skies Remix) 04:20  
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Falling Skies
Kristof Bathory Vocals (track 8)
Falling Skies
Kristof Bathory Vocals (track 8)
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This is a digital split album released through Bandcamp.

It can be purchased here:

The album was originally scheduled to be released on 1 May 2012, but was delayed a day due to Bandcamp website issues.

Track 8 features Kristof Bathory.

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