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Under a Funeral Moon


Release date:
June 24th, 1993
Catalog ID:
Vile 35CD
Peaceville Records
18 reviews (avg. 93%)
1. Natassja in Eternal Sleep 03:33   Show lyrics
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2. Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust 05:18   Show lyrics
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3. The Dance of Eternal Shadows 03:44   Show lyrics
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4. Unholy Black Metal 03:31   Show lyrics
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5. To Walk the Infernal Fields 07:50   Show lyrics
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6. Under a Funeral Moon 05:07   Show lyrics
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7. Inn i de dype skogers favn 05:25   Show lyrics
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8. Crossing the Triangle of Flames 06:13   Show lyrics
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Band members
Nocturno Culto Vocals, Bass
Zephyrous Guitars
Fenriz Drums, Percussion, Lyrics
Miscellaneous staff
Vidar Engineering
Tomas Lindberg Logo
Mayking Mastering
TS Artwork (uncredited, "Taakeferd")
Nocturno Culto Cover model
Nocturno Culto Vocals, Bass
Zephyrous Guitars
Fenriz Drums, Percussion, Lyrics
Vidar Engineering
Tomas Lindberg Logo
Mayking Mastering
TS Artwork (uncredited, "Taakeferd")
Nocturno Culto Cover model
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The True 1st Press.

All lyrics by Fenriz.
Tracks 1, 3: music by Nocturno Culto
Tracks 2, 5, 6, 8: music by Fenriz
Tracks 4, 7: music by Zephyrous.

This is the last album to feature guitarist Zephyrous.

The person who appears on the front cover is vocalist Nocturno Culto.

First pressing 1993 (VILE 35 CD): black disc, no Music for Nations logo on back cover.
Second pressssing 1993 (CDVILE 35): disc print same as the front cover, Music for Nations logo on the back cover.

Re-issued in 2001 in a slipcase edition.

Re-issued and remastered in 2003 as a digipak featuring a video interview clip.

Re-issued by Back on Black in 2005 on vinyl in 2000 copies.

English translations:
7. Into the Deep Woods' Embrace.

12" LP re-released by Peaceville Records in 2011. This vinyl edition is limited to 2000 numbered copies and is issued on 180gm heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, which features new liner notes by Nocturno Culto.

20-year anniversary edition CD released on August 26th, 2013 by Peaceville Records. Comes in a digibook with liner notes by Fenriz and Nocturno Culto. Also comes with an additional disc with the whole album commented by Fenriz.

Recording information:

Recorded in Creative Studios, June 1992 (Year XXVII AS).
Produced by Darkthrone. Engineered by Vidar.


Barcode: 5 016557 503524
Matrix / Runout: MAYKING RECORDS VILE35CD 10218011 01 %
Rights Society: P.R.S.

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