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The Gates of Oblivion

Dark Moor

Release date:
March 11th, 2002
Catalog ID:
Arise Records
5 reviews (avg. 92%)
1. In The Heart of Stone 04:39   Show lyrics
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2. A New World 05:57   Show lyrics
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3. The Gates of Oblivion 01:40   instrumental
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4. Nevermore 04:49   Show lyrics
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5. Starsmaker (Elbereth) 05:46   Show lyrics
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6. Mist in the Twilight 00:52   instrumental
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7. By the Strange Path of Destiny 05:51   Show lyrics
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8. The Night of the Age 04:40   Show lyrics
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9. Your Symphony 04:34   Show lyrics
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10. The Citadel of the Light 01:13   instrumental
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11. A Truth for Me 05:09   Show lyrics
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12. Dies Irae (Amadeus) 11:17   Show lyrics
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Band members
Roberto Peña de Camús Keyboards
Jorge Sáez Drums
Anan Kaddouri Bass
Albert Maroto Guitars
Enrik García Guitars
Elisa C. Martín Vocals
Mat Stancioiu Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Andreas Marschall Cover art
Mika Jussila Mastering
Luigi Stefanini Producer, Engineering, Mixing
Andreas Marschall Cover art
Mika Jussila Mastering
Luigi Stefanini Producer, Engineering, Mixing
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Co-produced by Dark Moor.
Recorded & mixed at New Sin Studios.
Mastered at Finnvox Studios.

Guest musicians: Valcavasia's choir and Dan Keying.

Japanese edition released on Victor Entertainment contains 1 bonus track:
13. Mystery of Goddess (05:30)

Russian edition released on CD-Maximum contains a different bonus track:
13. The Shadow of the Nile (06:02)


"Barcode: 8437001017287".

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