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Dark Lunacy / Infernal Poetry > Twice
Dark Lunacy / Infernal Poetry - Twice
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Dark Lunacy / Infernal Poetry

Release date:
November 2002
Fuel Records
None yet
1. Infernal Poetry - The Punishment 05:10   Show lyrics
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2. Infernal Poetry - The Frozen Claws of Winter 04:21   Show lyrics
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3. Dark Lunacy - Defaced 06:06   Show lyrics
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4. Dark Lunacy - Die to Reborn 05:52   Show lyrics
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Dark Lunacy
Mike Lunacy Vocals
Enomys Guitars, Piano
Baijkal Drums
Imer Bass
Infernal Poetry
Christian Morbidoni Guitars
Daniele Galassi Guitars
Alessandro Infusini Bass
Paolo Ojetti Vocals
Andrea Rabuini Drums
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Including videoclips: Hell Spawn by Infernal Poetry and Dolls by Dark Lunacy.
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