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The Price of Treason

Dark Fury

Release date:
January 1st, 2009
Catalog ID:
True Underground Productions
None yet
1. Symbols of Race 03:11   Show lyrics
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2. The Killer of Your Blood 03:33  
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3. In Front of Firing Squad 03:22  
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4. On the Way You Pass 03:37  
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5. The Pain of Purification 02:55  
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6. The Unyielding 03:23  
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7. Seven Candles 04:18  
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8. Storm! 03:26  
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9. The Vermin of Our Times 04:13  
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10. The Song of Treading Death 03:53  
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11. The Taste of Past Days 03:58  
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12. The Price of Treason 04:59  
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Raborym Vocals, Guitars, Bass
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Tape version limited to 500 copies released by Werewolf Promotion.

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