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The Secrets of the Black Arts

Dark Funeral

Release date:
January 28th, 1996
Catalog ID:
NFR 011
No Fashion Records
9 reviews (avg. 78%)
1. The Dark Age Has Arrived 00:16   instrumental
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2. The Secrets of the Black Arts 03:42   Show lyrics
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3. My Dark Desires 03:47   Show lyrics
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4. The Dawn No More Rises 04:00   Show lyrics
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5. When Angels Forever Die 04:07   Show lyrics
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6. The Fire Eternal 03:55   Show lyrics
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7. Satan's Mayhem 04:54   Show lyrics
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8. Shadows over Transylvania 03:41   Show lyrics
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9. Bloodfrozen 04:21   Show lyrics
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10. Satanic Blood (Von cover) 02:11   Show lyrics
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11. Dark Are the Paths to Eternity (A Summoning Nocturnal) 05:59   Show lyrics
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Band members
Themgoroth Bass, Vocals
Blackmoon (R.I.P. 2013) Guitars, Vocals (on track 10)
Lord Ahriman Guitars
Equimanthorn Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Necrolord Cover art
Peter Tägtgren Producer, Mixing
Themgoroth Bass, Vocals
Blackmoon (R.I.P. 2013) Guitars, Vocals (on track 10)
Lord Ahriman Guitars
Equimanthorn Drums
Necrolord Cover art
Peter Tägtgren Producer, Mixing
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NFR 011.

Originally recorded at Dan Swanö's Unisound Studios but the band did not like the dull sound so it was re-recorded at Peter Tägtgren's The Abyss in June 1995.

Also released in 1996 by No Fashion Records as limited edition Digipak.

Released in the US by Necropolis Records on gatefold vinyl albums limited to 500 copies, printed by them under the label name Necrohell.

The 2007 Regain Records reissue (limited to 3000 copies, catalog number REG-CD-1013) and 2007 reissue by the band in Digipak (catalog number DF001) comes with a bonus disc containing the original recording of the album at Unisound Studios:

1. Shadows over Transylvania 3:22
2. The Dawn No More Rises 3:35
3. The Secrets of the Black Arts 3:23
4. Satans Mayhem 4:36
5. Bloodfrozen 3:34
6. My Dark Desires 3:11
7. Dark Are the Path to Eternity (A Summoning Nocturnal) 5:29
8. The Fire Eternal 3:41
9. Call from the Grave 4:31.

The 2010 Back on Black vinyl-reissue comes with a bonus 12" containing the same Unisound Recording but without track 9 "Call From the Grave".

Re-released by Century Media in 2013.

A music video was made for "The Secrets of the Black Arts".

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