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We Had to Play More, but the Members Was Too Lazy

D.T.W. / Vaginal Vomitator / Strobodeath / Diarrhoea

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Debila Records
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1. Vaginal Vomitator - Ministry Session  
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2. Vaginal Vomitator - Kauboy Đimi  
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3. Vaginal Vomitator - Cepaj čelo  
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4. Vaginal Vomitator - Obrij me majko  
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5. Vaginal Vomitator - Lost Lords / Let the Blood Flow  
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6. Vaginal Vomitator - Pulsing of Brecillo  
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7. Vaginal Vomitator - Štrped  
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8. Vaginal Vomitator - The Ill  
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9. Vaginal Vomitator - Rotting Vagina  
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10. Vaginal Vomitator - Mass Apeal Madness  
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11. Vaginal Vomitator - Tentacless Ventricullus  
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12. Vaginal Vomitator - Moisture in Bowels  
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13. Vaginal Vomitator - Scum  
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14. Vaginal Vomitator - Let the Blood Flow (Live)  
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15. Strobodeath - Untitled (Live)  
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16. Strobodeath - Untitled (Live)  
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17. D.T.W. - Anyway (Live)  
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18. D.T.W. - I Don't Care (Live)  
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19. D.T.W. - Agarchy (Live)  
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20. Diarrhoea - ??? Trax!  
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Miha Guitars
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Originally a demo of Vaginal Vomitator (A Slovenian goregrind/noise band). Includes bonus tracks by Strobodeath (a noisegrind band from Slovenia), D.T.W. and Diarrhoea (a Slovenian thrash metal/grindcore/noise band).

Tracks 1-4 are from a rehearsal recorded in February, 1993.
Tracks 5-6 are from a rehearsal recorded on November 27th, 1993.
Tracks 7-10 were recorded live in Skopo, on September 18th, 1993.
Tracks 11-13 are from a rehearsal recorded on October 29th, 1993.
Track 14 was recorded live in Metelkova, on October 22nd, 1994.
Track 15 was recorded live in Kobjeglava, April 24th, 1993.
Tracks 16-17 are taken from a rehearsal on April 26th, 1993.
Tracks 18-19 was recorded live in Koper, on April 23rd, 1993.

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