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Demo 1991


Release date:
Roadrunner Records
5 reviews (avg. 90%)
1. Uroboric Forms 03:46   Show lyrics
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2. The Eagle Nature 03:27   Show lyrics
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3. Pleading for Preservation 05:04   Show lyrics
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Paul Masvidal Guitars (lead), Vocals
Jason Gobel Guitars (lead)
Tony Choy Bass
Sean Reinert Drums
Read Best demo I've ever heard 98% SoundsofDecay November 27th, 2013
Read Cynic - '91 Demo 60% ConorFynes July 5th, 2011
Read The best of all time. 100% msupplier November 2nd, 2009
Read Greatest Demo, ever... 92% Chrispaks August 6th, 2007
Read Cynic's creative peak 100% SunGodPortal January 24th, 2007
- No cover was made for this demo
- The songs on this demo were recorded for Roadrunner Records.

Uroboric Forms also appeared on the RoadRunner Records compilation At Death's Door II in 1992.
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