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Shadows' Blood

Cultus Sanguine

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Candlelight Records
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1. The Calling Illusion 04:42   Show lyrics
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2. Il Sangue 05:56   Show lyrics
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3. Shadows' Blood 04:33   Show lyrics
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4. We Have No Mother 05:09   Show lyrics
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5. The Graves Forgot My Name 04:28   Show lyrics
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6. Lady of Lies 04:42   Show lyrics
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7. On These Nocturnal Wings 04:11   Show lyrics
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8. Le Tombe 02:07  
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9. Silent Tunes of Falling Blood 03:38   Show lyrics
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10. Among Shadows 02:26  
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Rex Nebulah Keyboards
Ferghieph Vocals
Aqua Regis Bass, Guitars
Custos Arcanorum Drums
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"Shadows' Blood" was recorded during April Anno 1997 at Settenote Studio, MediolanuM.

Last track is a part from Heilige (Sophisme Sonores) track by Hoedh.

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