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Cultus > Hymns of Descending
Cultus - Hymns of Descending
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Promo 2007

Hymns of Descending


Release date:
January 2007
Catalog ID:
Antihumanism Records
None yet
Side A
1. The Hymn of Descending... Sorrow Will Find You, and the Wounds Will Remain Open 10:57  
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2. Melodies, Tragedies, Memories 08:37  
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3. Verdronken Vlinder 08:24   Show lyrics
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4. There Is Nothing, That Lasts 12:43  
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Arjan Vocals, All instruments
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For more info regarding this release refer to the lengthy statement in the booklet.

Only tape format is available. Heidens Hart Records (HH38) released it as CD-R with note "Unreleased CD". This release features 5 tracks with no titles on cover and with different tracks lengths than shown here. The total duration for that release is 45:37.

"Verdronken Vlinder" music originally written by Boudewijn De Groot, lyrics originally written by Lennart Nijgh.

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