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A Seat in Valhalla


Release date:
May 27th, 2004
Catalog ID:
HH 16
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Heidens Hart Records
540 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Tussen bomen 04:47  
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2. A Seat in Valhalla 03:52  
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3. Eenzame wandelaar 03:32  
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4. De nachtdwaler 04:24  
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5. De dodenstoet 06:12  
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Side B
6. Hallo lentedag 03:40  
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7. Tragwldia 04:47  
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8. Forest Music 03:34  
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9. Fire of Hate 04:25  
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Band members
Arjan Vocals, All instruments
Floris Drums on "De Dodenstoet"
Arjan Vocals, All instruments
Floris Drums on "De Dodenstoet"
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2CD release via Runenzauber less than 50 copies. As a special bonus, the second disc contains the 'Tussen werelden' EP tracks but in an unreleased version. Pressed these CDs around five years ago, but never released it.

Recording information:

All music and lyrics written, performed and recorded by Arjan in 2003 and 2004.

Track 1-6 recorded in 2003 and 2004.
Track 7 also appeared the split 10", but as a demo-take.
Track 8 & 9 also appeared on the 2nd album but these recordings are enhanced and improved.

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