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CrystalMoors > Antiquam Exquirite Matrem
CrystalMoors - Antiquam Exquirite Matrem
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Circle of the Five Serpents

Antiquam Exquirite Matrem


Release date:
May 15th, 2008
Catalog ID:
Blood Fire Death Productions
4 reviews (avg. 70%)
1. Mons Vindius 00:53   instrumental
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2. Wrath of Centvries 05:14   Show lyrics
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3. Heathenwood 06:16   Show lyrics
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4. Tras la Galerna 00:46   instrumental
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5. Brotherhood of the Three Banners 05:18   Show lyrics
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6. Bellum Cantabricum 06:37   Show lyrics
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7. The Enchantment of Lugnassad 08:01   Show lyrics
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8. Iberus Flumen 02:24   instrumental
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9. Lunarian 10:01   Show lyrics
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Thorgen Bass, Vocals
Gharador Drums, Percussion
Faramir Guitars, Whistle, Vocals
Erun-Dagoth Guitars, Keyboards, Mouth harp, Samplers
Uruksoth Vocals
Read Decent Pagan Metal, but... 60% misanthropic_zine November 15th, 2010
Read Decent band, lame name 70% drengskap January 6th, 2009
Read Beautiful death/black/folk... 100% YggdrasilinBlight August 15th, 2008
Read A Standard Execution... 50% Shirt_Guy August 10th, 2008

Recording line up:

Erun-Dagoth: Guitars, keyboards, mouth harp, samplers
Faramir: Guitars, whistle, melodic vocals
Thorgen: Fretless bass, melodic vocals
Uruksoth: Vocals
Gharador: Drums, percussion

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