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Storms of the Black Millenium

Cryptic Winds

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Merciless Records
3 reviews (avg. 64%)
1. Prelude of Portenousness 02:46   Show lyrics
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2. Cryptic Winds 03:39   Show lyrics
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3. Tempest 01:23   instrumental
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4. The Ashes of Nightfall 02:43   Show lyrics
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5. Satanachia 02:34   Show lyrics
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6. Atomic Winter Landscapes 00:59  
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7. Storms of the Black Millenium 04:18   Show lyrics
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8. Dark Paradise 05:20   Show lyrics
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9. Blood Falls from the Heavens (Outro) 01:22  
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Sturmmörser Bass, Vocals
Howitzer Guitars, Vocals
Eternal Drums
Devazur Vocals, Guitars, Drums
Read Stood head and shoulders above 88% erebuszine April 14th, 2013
Read Great USBM ! 89% Velkaarn May 31st, 2006
Read That sucks! 14% Nachtfalke December 3rd, 2004

"Tempest" - Dev Azur
"Atomic Winter Landscape" - Howitzer
"Blood Falls from the Heavens" Howitzer & Dev Azur
"Cryptic Winds" 's opening riff - Joshua Bowens & Dev Azur

All other music composed and arranged by Cryptic Winds

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