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Coven 13 > Ragnarok
Coven 13 - Ragnarok
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Coven 13

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Side A
1. Frost Giants 03:26  
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2. Stone Age 04:06  
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3. Threshold II 03:16  
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4. Skeleton Dance 04:06  
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5. Dangling 03:56  
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Side B
6. White Boy 03:49  
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7. Elfstone 04:58  
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8. Beckoning 04:11  
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9. Coven 13 03:34  
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Roger Cyrkiel Bass
Todd Kreda Guitars
Brian McGuckin Drums
David Thorsson Vocals
Mary Sevakis Vocals (backing)
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Released under the name Coven 13. Planned the be the bands second full-length album (and first as Coven 13). Drugs were playing a large role in the bands daily life and playing/writing, as is apparent by the themes on "Stone Age" and other parts of the album. The project was shelved while the 4 members of the band all went into rehab. Promotional posters, bumper stickers, and other materials were made in preparation for the album to be released. Upon the bands return from drug treatment they took the band photo used on the front cover (and bottom of the promo posters) and made the plans with all the music stores in the area to carry their new album. However, due to financial problems strain caused by all of these factors the release was only able to come out on a much smaller scale then they planned, and on cassette instead of vinyl.

"Ragnarok" is in fact the bands second album, but its limited release makes it an extreme rarity. Coven 13 re-recorded "Frost Giants" and "Elfstone" for their reunion album "Destiny of the Gods" in 2013.

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