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Corrupt Humanity / Sordo

Corrupt Humanity

Release date:
April 2012
Catalog ID:
Sacrificial Tapes
None yet
1. Corrupt Humanity - Mass Crucifixion  
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2. Corrupt Humanity - Crawl to Your Death  
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3. Corrupt Humanity - Shadow Crypt  
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4. Corrupt Humanity - Insect Society  
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5. Sordo - Failed Experiment  
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6. Sordo - Good Guys Go to Hell  
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7. Sordo - Swarm  
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8. Sordo - Sleeping In  
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9. Sordo - Warsystem (Shitlickers cover)  
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Corrupt Humanity
David McLennan All instruments, Vocals
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Co-released on Sacrificial Tapes & DIY Noise.

Tape limited to 50 copies.

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