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Congenital Malformation > Deformed Siamese Twin Abomination
Congenital Malformation - Deformed Siamese Twin Abomination
Congenital Malformation discography (all)
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Deformed Siamese Twin Abomination

Congenital Malformation

Release date:
June 26th, 2013
Catalog ID:
1 review (avg. 46%)
1. Skintro 01:32   instrumental
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2. Abnormal Sexual Addiction Results in Infant Necrophilia 02:27  
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3. Foul Stench of Oozing Secretion Seeping Out from a Deformed Vulva 02:58  
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4. Orgasmic Diarrhoea Rimjob 02:28  
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5. Consuming Remains from a Rectal Collapse Induced by Acid Enema 03:37  
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6. Untitled 03:10  
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7. Untitled 03:18  
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8. Siamese Twin Abomination Strangled by Own Intestines 03:00  
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Mal Formation Guitars, Bass
Dee Formation Vocals, Drum programming
Read OK, But Could Be Better 46% bryankerndrummer January 5th, 2014

The album was supposed to be released years earlier, but went forgotten by the band members, due to their participation in other bands (such as Kraanium). The album was then put on MediaFire by the band members for a free download, and a leak was uploaded onto Bandcamp by Pungent Promos.

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